Öga mot Öga - Flamenco och Kathak - Musik och dans i duell, samspel och poesi!

Flamenco and kathak - music and dance in duel, interplay and poetry. 
Twelve international musicians and dancers meet in order to together explore what happens in the meeting of two strong traditions.
Poetry with connection to flamenco, north indian and roman culture twines the performance together.

Fields of tension in rhythm, song, dance and music emerge and creates new expressions. UNESCO:s immaterial world heritage flamenco and the north indian classical music and dance form kathak have, in spite of their very different geographical origin and characters, a lot in common, not the least the free and spontaneous improvisation within a given structure and the sharp contrasts between lyrical beauty and fulminant intensity.
More then anything else, it is the interplay between the sounding dancers, musicians and the audience that is the core of both the art forms.
Participating artists: Sanchita Pal (vocals), Debashish Mukherjee (tabla), Stian Grimstad (sitar), Moa Danielson (santoor), Hanna Mannila (kathak dance), Quincy Kendall Charles (kathak dance), Anna Murtola (vocal), Per Lenner (gituar)‚ Sara Nilsson (violin), Robin Cochrane (percussion), David Montero (flamenco dance), Pia del Norte (flamenco dance), Roberto Gonzalez (narrator).
At 6.00 to 6.20 pm the audience will have the opportunity to meet Amanda Lindgren and the exhibition ”We wo live here” in the foajé of Musikaliska. Amanda will speak with our conferencer Roberto Gonzales about her pictures from her travel between Kiruna and Malmö.
Tickets: 280/200 SEK. Get your tickets at www.musikaliska.com.
Performance time: 2 hours including pause.
The production is a collaboration between Stockholm Sangeet and FlamencoFredag, Länsmusiken i Stockholm, Västmanlandsmusiken, Instituto Cervantes, Spanska Ambassaden and Dans Compagniet. With support from Stockholms Stad, Kulturrådet and Statens Musikverk.
Most welcome!


30 november, 2018 - 19:00
Musikliska, Nybrokajen 11
Övrig information: 

Biljetter: 280/200 SEK. Skaffa dinda biljetter på www.musikaliska.com.

Öga mot Öga

Öga mot Öga


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