Tåg Karachi - Jodhpur

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Blev medlem: 2011-04-27

Någon som har åkt eller känner till något om det internationella tåget mellan Karachi och Jodhpur? Finns detta tåg överhuvudtaget eller är det bara en dröm?

arabnews.com skrev:
ISLAMABAD, 1 February 2006 — India and Pakistan yesterday reached an agreement here to run the Khokhrapar-Munabao train from Feb. 18.

“The two sides signed the agreement on the establishment of rail link via Zero Point Railway station near Khokhrapar (Pakistan) and Munabao (India),” it said in a joint statement after two days of talks between railway officials.

The Thar Express, named after a Pakistani desert in the region, would run every Saturday and return the same day, it said. The first train will start on Feb. 18.

The 12 km line will connect Munabao in India’s western state of Rajasthan and Khokhrapar in Pakistan’s Sindh province to help divided families. The train fare from Karachi to Zero Point has been fixed at 190 rupees, while the fare from Jodhpur to Monabao will be 125 rupees.

man in seat sixty-one skrev:
the Thar Express started on 17 February 2006, leaving Karachi every Friday at 23:00 and arriving at the Pakistan/India frontier at Zero Point at around 08:00 next morning, going forward after customs checks to Munabao on the Indian side arriving around 11:00. After customs checks the train leaves Munabao at 15:00, arriving Jodphur at 21:30 Saturday.