International Parcel Shipping Company | Freight Services in India | Air Freight Services

International Parcel Shipping Company | Freight Services in India | Air Freight Services

Globalization is the way to go for any multi-dimensional business firm. Especially with the rising technologies, cheaper labor and raw materials in the developing nations have forced even the best and biggest producers to shift manufacturing to some extent to these countries. Not just the big players even some middle cap industrialists are making the most out of the opportunities and making a fortune. However, when the manufacturing shifts to a region seven seas away business houses invariably depend upon the freight services for the successful delivery of the products manufactured.

So what are freight services? Who is the best in the business? Whether one should opt for land freight services or ocean freight services or any other mode feasible? From the perspective of a businessman these are very important questions that need to be addressed at the earliest and with as much detail as is possible. The major producers in the world catering to the world are namely India and China probably because of their immense population. Ever since the business has been booming there are a large number of indigenous companies offering land freight services in India as well as in China.

Many people often are perplexed by the terms logistics services, freight services, and shipping services. Sometimes they even use these terms interchangeably which is not right. Let me draw a line between all these terms. Freight services are of three types namely land freight services, sea freight services, ocean freight services and air freight services. Each of them a different use, I will delve into details of that later.

Logistics is altogether a different thing. Logistics is the flow of goods or services from one place to another, but it is not just limited to that. It also involves management of goods in the warehouse. Basically it keeps accounts, manages storage and then also undertakes transportation. This concept of logistics essentially came into being from military – as they undertook the task of accounting, managing and transporting weapons, aids, services, etc.

Lastly there are shipping services. It is self-explanatory as its name suggests, the service that has the final responsibility of taking the goods to the doorstep be it from a different country, or from a different state.

Among freight services – land, sea, ocean, and air, air is the fastest. Air freight services are usually used for the transfer of goods at a fast speed which thus ensures security. Also air freight services are used for the transport of luxury items. That being said there are scores of such companies providing these services but to rate some one company as the best international air freight company can be a daunting task and you are bound to get different answers. One may also want to have a look at a international parcel shipping company if the goods to be transported are not humongous in number or not fall into the category of heavy weight cargo.

Some of the service providers feel it necessary to mention that they provide freight services, while they are already providing logistics services and hence mention themselves as a club of freight logistics services. You may stumble across many such companies that provide land freight logistics services and sea freight logistics services. It only means that they provide logistics service that includes the process of transporting the goods to different (probably) far off lands. The probable reason for naming their business as such is because most of the people of these subcontinents are strangers to the language English. Although people of Indian subcontinent are better versed with English, however, not everyone is good at it. For this reason alone I believe you may also find some business houses that would claim to be the best ocean freight Services Company, the truth behind those words is the mystery of the millennium.

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