Yoga Teacher Training Course in India | Yoga Alliance International Certification

Yoga Teacher Training Course in India | Yoga Alliance International Certification

Hatha Yoga also colloquially known as yoga is one of the most famous forms of yoga practiced in various nooks and corners all around the globe. It is a transformative form of physical exercises that lays stress on mastering control over the body as well as the mind through bodily postures (asanas) by excluding the external world. We offer the best Hatha Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India.


The teacher training programme is specifically designed module where yoga would be imbibed and not just taught.  The comprehensive module inculcates yoga as an art of living life by delving deeper into the tiniest possible details so that there is no room for doubt and immense practice in order to master the asanas. You need to undertake 200 Hour kundalini Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India to be eligible for the advanced courses. On completing 200 Hour kundalini Yoga Teacher Training one can sign up for 300 Hour kundalini Yoga Teacher Training and after that 500 Hour kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. After the completion of the programme in its entirety you won’t just teach yoga, you will transmit it. However, you will have to complete the training in Rishikesh in order to become a Yoga instructor trained.


Hatha is a composite of two words, Ha meaning active energy and Tha meaning passive energy. Through Hath yoga, yogis aspire to propagate the ancient message of the union of these two forms of energy in order to achieve cosmic consciousness, thence enabling the individual to attain spiritual liberation.


Hatha yoga is a slower and much easier and gentler form of yoga. Vinyasa yoga is an advanced level of Hatha yoga. Vinyasa yoga is much faster and required more physical strength and deep knowledge about Hatha yoga. There are different profiles of Vinyasa yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.


Since its inception, Yoga has been linked to ancient India for its origin. Therefore the precision, depth and ascetic value with which yoga of inner transformational engineering is taught in Rishikesh is unparalleled. Additionally, an omnipresent environment of consecrated spaces with a proximity of abundant natural beauty gives a herculean boost to work on oneself spiritually.


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